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Established in 2021 in Ho Chi Minh City. The founder is a fashion-oriented Industrial Design student. The prediction has been cherished and implemented since the graduation collection of a young student from Course 23 of Van Lang University was noticed.

With the purpose of conveying the core values of different civilizations around the world through the stories put in each design. Each collection is the fashion perspective of that young student!

Through each product, we want to give very peculiar experiences to clients. When wearing the outfit from DE JUNIEL, you will easily feel the messages from the details and materials of the product.

Enthusiasm and creativity are the top criteria DE JUNIEL puts into each product. With each one released, our team has tested for applicability, fashion, and thorough research. Therefore, when the products reach the clients, they are the best quality products.

Personally with DE JUNIEL, we don't simply want to create values that are just simply the material things about clothes. It also has a bit of "personal intention" based on meaningful stories and messages hidden inside each costume.



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